Our Story Part 4

Dr. Kimberly Hsu nicks Peanut’s eyelid

On May 3, we noticed that some hairs trapped by the temporary stitch at the inside corner of Peanut’s eye are growing into his cornea. We tried to remove or trim them ourselves and could not. As the Wheeling (IL) office of Eye Care for Animals is closed on Saturdays, we drive into downtown Chicago to see Dr. Kimberly Hsu, the resident training with Sisler. Hsu tells us that while she was removing these hairs she accidentally nicked his upper eyelid. She told us she had put some antibiotic on the nick and that it would be fine. She did NOT give us any ointment or antibiotic to put on the nick. Nor did she tell us to do anything to treat the area.

A few days later, the area where Hsu nicked Peanut’s eyelid is inflamed. (As if we weren’t dealing with enough of a problem with Peanut’s eye swollen by leaking silicone oil.) We called the office in Wheeling and emailed a picture. We made an appointment with Sisler for May 8. In the meantime, we were told to put periodic drops of NeoPolyDex on the nick.

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