Our Story Part 5

Sisler admits his error and shows his true callous nature

One month after the surgery, on May 8, Sisler examined the nick on Peanut’s eyelid and told us the NeoPolyDex had helped the healing process. Sisler tells us that Peanut’s ulcer was fully healed. He then removes one of the two stitches he had put in on April 18 to help Peanut close his eyelids over the swollen conjunctiva. We were concerned that he removed this stitch because Peanut could still not fully close his eye. But we did not question him at this time because we assumed he knew what he was doing. Whereas the ulcer was healed, the problem that caused it was still present.

We took this opportunity to express our continued concern about Peanut’s swollen conjunctiva due to the silicone oil. Sisler finally tells us the true cause of the leakage. He explains that the silicone oil is injected into the back of the eye through several ports that are created. One of the ports was not closed properly and so the oil leaked out of the port and into the conjuctiva at the front of the eye. He again states that the oil will eventually absorb into the body. We asked how long this might take and he said 2-3 months. We assume that he was lying as a delay tactic. The only other explanation is that he truly believed the oil would eventually absorb into the body…a physically impossible scenario.

Upon hearing for the first time about the error during surgery, we asked Sisler if Dr. Hsu (the resident) performed any portion of the surgery on Peanut and if this was the cause of the silicone oil leakage. Sisler tells us that she did not, but that she was present to help hold tools, etc…. We will never forget what he said next:

“I wish I could have someone else close the ports because I find it tedious and boring and because I really don’t like doing it. But I was the one who failed to close the port.”

Reeling from that statement, we continued to emphasize that Peanut seemed very uncomfortable with this swollen conjunctiva. We were looking for some sort of relief for him. Sisler continues to maintain that this is cosmetic. He told us that Peanut was not uncomfortable. Instead, he said “he just needs a bath.”

Sisler contradicted his statement that this issue was merely cosmetic by confessing to us that the oil that leaked out from the back of Peanut’s eye had been replaced by water. This created a meniscus that was having a negative impact on his vision. Sisler did not explain that light passes through oil and water differently and that this issue (along with the meniscus) was impairing Peanut’s vision. We learned this from Dr. Brad Nadelstein (a retina surgeon in Virginia) at a later date when we sought a second opinion.

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