In late January of 2015, after only a few months of seeing well, Peanut’s vision seemed to get worse suddenly. We went to our local GP for an eye pressure check. The pressure was sky high indicating glaucoma. We next made an emergency visit to yet another eye specialist — Dr. Enry Garcia with VCA […]

Our Story Part 10

After learning that Dr. Brad Nadelstein of Virginia Beach had weighed in on the listserv topic concerning silicone oil, we connected with him over the phone. Together we agreed it was worth the road trip from Illinois to see him and hopefully remove this silicone oil from Peanut’s eye. When Nadelstein examined Peanut, he determined […]

Our Story Part 9

We spoke over the phone with Sisler on one occasion after his return from Africa and we saw him one more time (at Lindley’s insistence). The only solution Sisler ever offered us was disturbing. He proposed going back into the back of the eye (a third surgery) and putting in more silicone oil to replace […]

Our Story Part 8

The morning after Lindley’s surgery on Peanut, her office called to ask after him. We told her staff that we wanted to speak with Lindley to ask a couple of specific questions. Later her vet tech called back and said “Dr. Lindley isn’t going to be able to call you back.” So we said we […]

Our Story Part 7

Having lost all faith in Sisler and Eye Care for Animals, we sought a second opinion on May 27 from Dr. Denise Lindley of Animal Eye Consultants in Crestwood, IL (the vet who originally diagnosed the detached retina and recommended Sisler). All we wanted was advice about how to deal with the silicone oil leakage […]

Our Story Part 6

Having been told that Sisler would be leaving for Africa for two weeks starting on May 20, we saw him the day prior to make sure Peanut’s progress was on track. Sisler tells us that everything looks great and that we should make another appointment in “6 to 8 weeks.” We questioned this by saying […]

Our Story Part 5

One month after the surgery, on May 8, Sisler examined the nick on Peanut’s eyelid and told us the NeoPolyDex had helped the healing process. Sisler tells us that Peanut’s ulcer was fully healed. He then removes one of the two stitches he had put in on April 18 to help Peanut close his eyelids […]

Our Story Part 4

On May 3, we noticed that some hairs trapped by the temporary stitch at the inside corner of Peanut’s eye are growing into his cornea. We tried to remove or trim them ourselves and could not. As the Wheeling (IL) office of Eye Care for Animals is closed on Saturdays, we drive into downtown Chicago […]

Our Story Part 3

On April 18, eight days after the surgery, Sisler examined Peanut and told us that the ulcer had worsened since Gaerig saw him three days prior. He puts in two temporary stitches (one in each corner of Peanut’s eyelids) to allow him to close his eye over the swollen conjunctiva.  He confirms that the swelling […]

Our Story Part 2

Within 72 hours of the surgery the entire white of the eye was now swollen to the point where Peanut seemed uncomfortable and looked very bad. We called Sisler on his cell phone and informed him of this development. He told us that swelling was not a problem. We asked if we should bring Peanut […]